Violence ultra football

Aitor Zabaleta Cortaza

December 8, 1998. Madrid

A 28-year-old “Real Sociedad” soccer supporter, died nine hours after receiving a stab to the heart that reached the left ventricle and also affected an artery linked to the aorta. The attack was committed close to the Calderón stadium. The victim and his girlfriend, Verónica Olivares, traveled to Madrid on a bus of a female supporters group called “Izar”, a peaceful group that usually accompanies the team on their travels. The couple decided to leave the group and after walking around Madrid, they arrived at the stadium. Three hours before the match, they entered the bar “Alegre” located near the stadium (in “Ronda de Toledo”) according to the first version offered by the Delegate Minister Jose Luis Nuñez Morgades. The girl wore a scarf of “Real Sociedad” team. Aitor didn’t wear any identifying item. At the bar, a group of 10 hooligans of Atlético mocked them. “The first discussion took place in the bar, which is outside the area of ​​special protection,” said the Delegate of the Government.

Arriving at the “Paseo de los Melancólicos” 100 meters away from the stadium, they both were insulted by another group of young far-right skinheads, which according to eyewitnesses, were trying to hunt Basque supporters throughout the afternoon. According to preliminary information gathered by the police, the Basque supporter faced the followers of Atlético Madrid. Then, one of the Atlético hooligans stabbed Aitor on the left side, hitting the heart. Aitor could walk 100 meters to finally collapse at the door 6 of the stadium.

Violence ultra football




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