David Emilio González Rubio

January 20, 1996. Madrid

David, his girlfriend and another friend were walking by the Moncloa district of Madrid about 00:30 pm when two boys who were urinating in the street approached them and cried “Viva Franco, hail Spain” beating them with brass knuckles. David and his friends followed one of their attackers and when reaching the arcades of “Isaac Peral” Street they beat and cornered him.

After that, six ultras and a girl came over to them. Armed with two knives they gave a jab in the buttocks to David, who fled towards “Paseo de Moret” followed by three ultras while his friends ran in another direction.
The three ultras cut over pass to David and one of them circled her shoulders with his left arm and with his right hand struck him a fatal stab in the heart, which according to police, shows the “expertise ” of the aggressor.

David’s friends ran into the three ultras and threw stones at them. In this point there was another confrontation during which the aggressors inferred a stab in the chest to Jose Antonio, another friend. After that, one of the aggressor fled to escape. The police believe that the fact that the girlfriend interposed herself to defend the victim made skins not to finish off with him.

Meanwhile, the ultra wounded in the arcades of Isaac Peral, with a large gap in front, accompanied by a girl and two other young men of the ultra gang, left the place, rejecting the help of a taxi driver who offered himself to take them to a Hospital.

The area where the attack occurred is a meeting place for thousands of young people but in the past six months a dozen attacks by far-right skinheads have took place there.

Police focused their research on the neo-Nazi group called “Nueva Guardia” related to the “Frente Atlético” and which would been finally called “Bastión”. Given the lack of progress and no citizen cooperation, David’s father offered a high economic reward to whom facilitate some information to investigators. Soon, the initiative bore fruit. Six months after the crime, a young man confessed the police that the night of the attack he was in a cocktail pub of Moncloa called “La Factoría”, frequented by ultras groups. At one point, a young man came shouting that there was a fight in the street. Several local ultras left the place and returned ten minutes later boasting of having been beating a young man.




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