Violence ultra football

Francisco Javier Romero Taboada

November 30, 2014. Madrid

A 43-year-old supporter of “Deportivo”, died from beatings received in a fight between radical hooligangs of Atletico (neo-Nazis of “Frente Atlético” group) and the “Riazor Blues” (leftist ideology supporters of “Deportivo”) in the vicinity of Madrid Rio, near the Vicente Calderon stadium. “The Riazor Blues were having breakfast in a bar and they were caught just after half past eight by his opponents” who carried on shouting “Atletico fans? Hooligans! “, which is the rallying cry of the “Frente Atletico” according TVE (Spanish Public TV)

The Interior Ministry, which did acknowledge that there was no evidence of a fight, never explained how the incident began, although several witnesses pointed to a unilateral aggression started by “Frente Atlético” when the “Riazor Blues” were taking breakfast. These two groups are ideologically opposed: “Frente Atlético” is a well-known far-right group and “Riazor Blues” is clearly a leftist group.

The victim, after been brutally beaten, was released by his attackers to the Manzanares River where he stayed about 20 minutes until he was taken out by divers and emergency services.

Violence ultra football




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