Racism and xenophobia

George Miluta

April 5, 2013. València

A 58-year-old man of Romanian origin, unemployed electrician who now made a life looking through garbage trying to find anything that might sell for food. His cheerful and quiet personality, as remarked by friends and family, was in contrast to the way in which he met his death. He was brutally beaten close to some containers on a street in the neighborhood called “Cabanyal”(Valencia city). His alleged assailant fled the scene before police arrived.

A couple who were heading home found the body of the victim, along with two containers, in a pool of blood. They got out of the car to help the victim because they believed he had suffered an accidental fall. But they saw an individual in his 30s and a dark complexion who wore light colored sportswear, that started running toward them. “We were scared and left the place” said the young man, who later realized about the violent crime.

The victim lived with several compatriots on a ground floor in “La Conserva” Street (Valencia). The victim had managed to gather some euros to return home, as family relatives reported. He went out every night with her caddy and he used to buy a liter beer at a nearby supermarket to share with his friends. “Miluta did not interfere with anyone. We do not understand what happened” said a relative.

Peniaphobia, Racism and xenophobia



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