Racism and xenophobia

Giovanni Musat

September 11, 2009. La Cabrera

Giovanni Musat, a 33-year-old man from Suati Alonita (Romania) and Steel Fixer worker, was killed by a kick to the head that caused him a blood clot in the brain, according to autopsy report. His neck struck the paving stones of “La Cabrera” Square (Madrid). A man about 25 years old and with tight black shirt was the author of the attack. “Gigi”, as friends called Musat, was taking some beers with a friend in the arcades of City Hall. Five people left the pub “Vinchenzzo” with plastic cups in hand. They crossed words and Giovanni, who worked as a bodyguard in Bucharest, frightened them with some words and one of the attackers threw a punch that knocked him down.Once on the ground and according to some witnesses, the aggressors shouted “We ‘ll kill you, Romanian fucking crap!” and they started beating him. After that, they left the place.

Racism and xenophobia



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