Racism and xenophobia

Ibrahima Dieye

January 3, 2012. Barcelona

One of the aggressors approached a group of Senegalese who where playing football at the street to reproach them not to do so. The aggressor insulted them as “Motherfuckers, fucking black crap, go away to your country”. As they refused to stop playing, this man called his two sons at the scene, who came there armed with a cane and a knife. They all started a fight which joined another brother later, urged by his father to end with the life of the Senegalese group arguing “these fucking niggers who have lost me respect, you must kill them all”. After that, the third son went to get a gun, fired a shot into the air and then he shot Ibrahima, who lost his life. Although this was the crime description made by the Prosecutor, finally the Jury found not proved that the accused committed the crime by racist reasons.

Racism and xenophobia



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