Jorge Ramón Álvarez Alegre

December 10, 2000. León

Jorge Ramón entered a bar and two young men who did not know him at all, invited him to take something. The three men left the scene and after wandering through several streets of Leon, stayed sitting in the park of “La Granja”, resuming steps to an area called “La Candamia”. There, they sat on a bench, and always according with the official report, one of the aggressors reminded the other “to kill the homeless because that was the reason why they came there”. At that time, “he proceeded to pull a knife he had in his pocket, taking a stab in the head to Jorge Ramón, who could do nothing in his defense due the unexpected action” as can be read at the script. As it was reported in the trial, when the victim had major head injuries, the two alleged perpetrators began kicking and stabbing him, finally reaching 105 stabbings. They also caused the victim a large incised wound in the abdomen, killing Jorge Ramón by hemorrhagic shock. The script of the trial insists that the victim received more stabs of which would have been necessary to cause death, intending to increase the pain. The Prosecution states in the description of the facts that the homeless man received “about 20 stabbing and kickings” before falling to the ground. It also indicates that once produced the cardiac arrest that killed him, the accused turned to pounce on the victim, causing a large incised wound from sternum to the right umbilical region which exposed the abdominal cavity and viscera.




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