Josep Maria Isanta Caselles

May 28, 2005. Berga

A group of fifteen people came to an area where was celebrated a concert sponsored by independent and libertarian left collectives. Once there, they start assaulting several people who were there enjoying the festivities, called “Patum” of Berga (a Catalan village), causing injuries of variable degree to some people. Then, they attacked the brother of the victim, reason why he went to defense his brother, moment that he was surrounded by the aggressors, which gave him blows, punches and kicks, as well as three stab wounds that killed him instantly. According to the Court verdict, the group attacked Josep Maria Isanta to make him hit the ground. Then, its members formed two circles around him: while some of them hit and stab him, the rest obstructed the aid claimed by others, also cutting off any possibility of self-defense.




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