Lucrecia Pérez.
13 de November de 1992.

Type: Racism and xenophobia

Judicial body: Juzgado número 15 de Madrid

Sentence: Condemn

Delict: Murder

Four masked men dressed in black entered the abandoned former nightclub “Four Roses”, which was squatted by a group of Dominican immigrants. The assailants fired three shots at the people who were inside there having dinner. Lucrecia Perez, who was only a month in Spain, was hit by two shots, dying on the spot. The third shot hit Cesar Augusto Vargas, who was seriously injured. The gunman was a 25-year-old Civil Guard (LMP) who was serving in the 111 Command in Madrid. His companions were all underaged. The Legal Record begins explaining the meetings that used to be held in Madrid’s Square “Plaza de los Cubos”, between “youth groups linked by racist ideas and feelings, sympathizers or members of far-right political movements (such as “Bases Autónomas” or football far-right supporters as “Ultras Sur”). The murder was rated by Court as treachery, by the sudden and untimely modus operandi, uttering helplessness that suffered the immigrants. The Judge declares the incident as a “commando action” minded by previously assigned roles. One clearly intention was frightening immigrants, “there were niggers and they decided to go for them”. The four accused “admitted the facts and their involvement in them” and were finally sentenced.

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