Racism and xenophobia

Mohamed Zoubir

March 21, 2003. Huelva

Abdesdek Ben Sfia, 27 years old and Boubker Echarraka, were sleeping at the bus station in Huelva. They had came from Almeria to work in the strawberry season. Close to them was lying Zoubir Mohamed, a 60-year-old Moroccan citizen who they both had met hours before and whom had sympathized because they all had lost their respective buses. They all had intention to go to Lepe (Almeria) in the first bus in the morning. Between 3:00 and 4:00 a.m., a group of people covered in balaclavas attacked them with baseball bats and knives. They protected themselves with their arms asking for help. A guard and a cleaning operator notified the aggression to the police. Zoubir died in hospital three days after the attack. The Court that judged the case had no doubts about the “xenophobic reasons ” that encouraged this crime. In fact, aggravating features of “committing crime by racially reasons” were included at the Court conclusions.

Racism and xenophobia



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