Violence ultra football

Pere Artur Fornés Vergara

April 22, 2011. Benidorm

The victim, Pere Artur Fornés Vergara, was in a pub at Benidorm watching the football match called “Copa del Rey” between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid. After shouting “Visca el Barça!”, the aggressor “suddenly and without warning” , according to the Police, assaulted the young man with a knife of 26 cm (a weapon hidden until this moment). He stabbed Pere Artur in the left side causing letal injuries. “They have killed me” was all that he could say to his friend before he died. National Police arrested the alleged aggressor 12 hours after the crime.

Violence ultra football




  • Un joven de 25 años muere apuñalado en Benidorm (21 de abril de 2011)
  • Detenido por matar a un joven en Benidorm tras una discusión por el fúbol

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