Ideological hatred

Susana Ruíz

January 9, 1993. Madrid

Susana Ruiz, a 16-year-old young woman, disappeared after attending a birthday party in a mansion squatted at Vicálvaro (Madrid). On February 25th, her body appeared close to where she was last seen. Although the police and the Judge maintained that her death was due to cardiac arrest and there was no violence signs, the family of the victim had a diametrically opposite view, arguing that she could be strangled and sexually assaulted. This version was later confirmed by a repentant neo-Nazi man related to “Bases Autónomas”, a radical group which he blamed as responsible of the crime. The Court considered fanciful this version. The case was reopened four times.

Ideological hatred




  • Caso Susana Ruiz TVE. Susana Ruiz, Caso Abierto. Fue Informe.

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