Racism and xenophobia

Vasilev Plamen Kirlov

September 2, 2002. Callosa de Segura

Four young men, two of them underaged, allegedly killed a 42-year-old homeless person from Bulgaria. The young men allegedly attacked him with some bats they had just pulled out from a park bench. They beat him with several blows on the head, although the body of the victim, who only wore trousers, was full of bruises and punches. The “Glorieta”, the place where the crime was committed, is located next to the front door of a public school that was commonly used by the deceased to spend the night. This homeless man always slept there on a bench. Several neighbors said the victim had never caused any problems in the area. ”He never messed with anybody nor caused riots. Moreover, he was never in any unpleasant incident”, they said. According to the verdict, the attackers tried to rob the victim, who was drunk in that moment and despite no resistance from the victim, they had no mercy with him.

Peniaphobia, Racism and xenophobia



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