Racism and xenophobia

Hassan Al Yahahaqui

November 14, 1992. Majadahonda

Hassan Al Yahahaqui, a 25 year-old Moroccan citizen, died from a head injury after spending nine days in a coma. Al Yahahaqui had been attacked by four neo-Nazi skinheads. A friend of the deceased, Aitalali Ali, 22, said he had checked that Yahahaqui had at least four blows to the head, so he states it was not possible an accidental fall caused dead. “They went for him” said another friends of the victim.

This version is highly different from which was provided by the Police Headquarters in Madrid. According to it, Al Yahahaqui collapsed when he fell to the ground after being tackled by one of the far-right skinheads, without time to keep his hands out of the pockets to avoid the hit. Mohamed, a friend of the victim, tells Hassan was first hit with a bottle by one man of the gang and then kicked when he was on the floor. Abdeslam Ale, another friend, says Majadahonda Moroccans have to hide after eight p.m. “not to be beaten” Ale believes Yahahaqui’s death “was not a coincidence” and he argues that “they clearly went looking for him.”

Several representatives of Maghreb Associations have complained that another fellow named Mustafa, who accompanied Yahahaqui at the time of the incident, “had been intimidated” in order to avoid talk to press.

A few days after the crime, Police detained four well-known neo-Nazi skinheads of Majadahonda, which admitted their participation in the events.

Racism and xenophobia



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