Isaac Pérez Triviño and Julio Anderson Luciano

July 12, 2006. Vigo

Isaac Al-Dani Perez Triviño a 27-year-old Spanish man and Julio Anderson, a 32-year-old man with Brazilian origin were found at his home in Vigo, both tied, beheaded, stabbed and burned up.The aggressor, who confessed the crime, told he was with them taking party all night long. Once at the home of the victims he killed them by stabbing. After the crime, the aggressor, named Jacobo, remained in the house until nine in the morning looking for something to catch fire. He took a shower, closed the windows, turned on the gas, planted five outbreaks, [two of them over the corpses] and left the apartment carrying a suitcase full with all valuable things he found there. To General Prosecution and also Private Prosecution everything was “planned and coldly calculated” in order “to make believe that their victims suffered a violent robbery.”

According to the Prosecution, this attitude can not be justified in self-defense because “Jacobo was at the apartment for several hours after the crime and intentionally caused a fire to clear signs of what he had done with a ruthless behavior.” For the Defense, however, he acted out of “an insurmountable fear of being killed and raped, being a panic victim, and also being out of himself as a consequence of the state of intoxication in which he was.”

In 2009 Popular Jury acquitted the accused of the crimes, considering the “panic” and “legitimate defense” that was explained by Defense. The Supreme Court ordered a retrial in 2010 and this time he was condemned for the murder of both victims. The Judge firmly criticized the “perverse spirit” of the aggressor. Regarding the assassination of Julio, the ruling states: “we are analyzing a barbarian act, a chilling, inhuman and atrocious aggression, that therefore, deserves the maximum penalty”. In the case of Isaac, he used the same adjectives, adding that the aggressor did not stop the “brutal attack” after the first stab. He continued the aggression when Isaac “did not represent a real danger.”





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